Hello, Richard here

Lead Full Stack Developer and Trainer at SCADEMY

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Deleting Cookies in Next.js Middleware

Deleting a cookie should be easy, right? Here is your guide to deleting cookies in the Next.js middleware.

Stuff I am working on currently

I love blogging, but I also love coding. The obvious choice was to build my blog from scratch, as any other developer would do it. Okay, this statement is not entirely true because I used a Next.js template, but the point is that I have total control over the code and the design. I am also the owner of the content, independent of any platform.

The only feature I missed from my blog that large platforms offer is the ability to listen to blog posts in high-quality audio format. I needed a solution, and thus, ReadSonic was born. If you also have a self-hosted blog, it might have something you didn't even know you needed.


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